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Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cables

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We now are a direct distributor for Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cables. We can offer this quality item delivered to your door for a much lower price than you can buy them at the store! The suggested retail price for the 48-foot Soil Warming Cable (without shipping) $ 55.42 and $ 43.58 for the 24-foot cable. These soil warming cables have been a big part of our success and we want to make them available to other growers at the lowest prices we can.

Gro-Quick Soil Warming Cables have a built-in thermostat set to 74-degrees F. These standard soil warming cables in lengths of 24-feet or 48-feet give you a big head start on the season. They speed germination and growth with gentle bottom heat. The 24-foot cable draws .7-amps and the 48-foot cable draws 1.4-amps. You can leave the soil warming cables in all season and they will only turn on when the solid temperature falls below 74-degrees.

*PRICES QUOTED ARE FOR SHIPPING IN THE U.S.: Unless otherwise noted, all prices quoted includes shipping in the U.S. only. SHIPPING TO CANADA AND OVERSEAS: PLEASE CONTACT US FOR RATES.