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Pumpkin carved in honor of 911 firefighter heroes

Giant Pumpkins Grown with Products from Holland's Land O' Giants

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Peter Midthun from New Richmond, WI. with his 1832.5 lb. pumpkin. 2014 1964 lb. pumpkin grown by Bob & Jo Liggett in Circleville, Oh. 2014 1440 lb. pumpkin grown by Rusty Ortman in Chillicothe, Oh. in 2014 Brian Wade from Grove City, OH. with his 905 lb. pumpkin in 2014 Charlie Bernstrom from Lancaster, Mn. with his 1297.2 lb. 1st place pumpkin at Roland Manitoba. 2014  Charles and Jennifer Lieber from Lexington, Ma. with their winning 1870 lb. pumpkin at Frerichs Farm 2014 Joel Holland with his winning pumpkin of 1627.5 lbs. at Central Market 2014 John Kaminski from Flat Rock, MI with his 1696 lb. pumpkin in 2014 Don Barron with daughter Kylie from LaSalle, MI. with their new State Record 1916 lber in 2014 8.41 lb. World Record Tomato grown by Dan Maccoy from Ely, MN using products from Holland's Giants Bella and Jessica Newitt won the Junior Championship and are growing bigger pumpkins each year in Tasmania, Australia  2014 1791 lb. pumpkin on the left and 1666 lber. Grown by Joel Holland in 2013 1791 lb. Wa. State record by Joel Holland 1666 lbs. grown by Joel Holland of Sumner, Wa New site record at Central Market, Holland 1666 lber. Largest Pumpkin ever grown in Wa. State, Holland 1791 lber. Ryan Hoelke from Eganville, ONT with his 1463.5 lb-er Jason Booth with his 1455.5 lb. pumpkin at Elk Grove Ca. Walter Hartrey, on left, in Ireland with his 568 lb. prize winner. Weigh-off in South Africa, 2013. The Winner at 850.3 lbs and 4 out of the top 5 were from Holland seeds! Chris Gunter (middle) weighed 697.3 lbs Bella Newitt on the right, age 7, and sister Jessica 5, with their 1st giant pumpkin of 300 lbs. in Australia 2013. 1811 lbs. by Carl Graham from Nova Scotia, Canada in 2012 Steve Geddes and the N.H. Growers with Steve's 1844 lber. 2012 Joel Holland and his 1462 lb. Winner at Central Market, Wa. in 2012 Charles Lieber from Lexington, Ma. with his 1770.5 lber. 2012 Don Davis of Milpitas, Calif Gary Adams with 1613.5 lb pumpkin Jim Bryson & daughter, Kelsey Growers at Wellington Weigh-off in Quebec around Jim Bryson's 1818.5 World Record 912 Steve Minor Vermont 2011 ( L-R) Joe Jutras 1352, 1385, 1306, & 1689 former World Record from R.I. 2007 1039 lbs Karl Margarida & Family 2010 1229 Holland 2005 Half Moon Bay Champ 1462 Holland 2008 former Morgan Hill Record 1611 Daho 2009 French Champion 1636 Bob & Jo Liggett Circleville, OH Record 2009 1663 Zoellner 2010 Canfield, OH Champion 1725 Sweet 2010 former World Record 629 Salvador Mogas Barcelona, Spain 2009 1100 Maggi Idaho Record 2008 1379.5 Eric Presto PA 2010 923 Todd Kline H. Dill Award 2010 Pembroke, Ontario 1109 Ken Taylor & Robin Washington 2010 1229.6 (L) 1032.2 (R) Martin Reiss Germany 2008 1618.2 Jim Bryson Canadian Champion 2010 1087 John & Karen Elliott New Berlin, New York 2010 Growers at Wellington Weigh-off in Quebec around Jim Bryson's 1818.5 World Record 120-160 lb Monster Smash Pumpkins Reaching for the Sky! Maddie & Autumn Marsh in 1674 lb Jack O' Lantern 2010