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Liquid Endo Mycorrhizal Innoculant

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LIQUID ENDO MYCORRHIZAL INNOCULANT. A great new tool for growing giant pumpkins! A pint of our LIQUID ENDO contains as many propagules as I gallon of some other brands. It may be used through the irrigation system, watered into individual pots, watered at the base of young Giant Pumpkin plants and also sprinkled into the furrow when burying vines, and also be drenched along the vines of giant pumpkins. DIRECTIONS: Use 1-teasoon per gallon when applying directly to plants. Use 1 teaspoon per 10 to 20 gallons when introduced through the irrigation system.

One pint contains 3.6 million spores of these Endo species:

Shelf life of 2 years - Keep cool when not in use!

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