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Biogrow - Directions for Use

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Thoroughly mix 1/3 cup of BioGrow into each 1 cubic foot of potting soil or seed starting mix before filling pots for planting. When setting out transplants thoroughly mix 3.5 ounces of BioGrow into each 1 cubic foot of soil that is removed to make your planting hole. Backfill inoculated soil under where the plant will go and all around the root ball or peat pot to get immediate contact with emerging roots. The beneficial microbes will expand outward with the growing root system, and also inoculate roots, which come down from the vine and contact roots spreading out from the center. Later in the season you may want to use some BioGrow in the trench at the rooting site when burying vines some distance out. It now seems pretty clear that adding 1 to 2 Tablespoons at each leaf axil on the main and the lateral vines pays big dividends later in the season in increased pumpkin growth. Many growers are now using 3-6 pounds per plant and are setting new personal best records.

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